_Specialist Membership
Medical Esthetics/ MediEsthetics Specialist -online support with active Specialist Cert. in good standing, 90 day post class support from educators, see Facebook educator page for support

_Associate Professional (non-Medical Esthetics Certified)  $85. yr. -Includes professional certificate showing

member in good standing with the gold standard in Medical Office education, Medical Esthetics
Includes discounts on education and educational materials
_Business /Educator $250. yr. web listing
_Sponsor $1250 incl. ad & link exchange

Membership Benefits Include: 
*Networking Opportunities with the #1 Association & Network


*Medical Esthetics® News (Facebook educator pg UPDATES) make sure to update email and confirm
Medical Esthetics® Member Savings:
*Medical Esthetics® & MediEsthetics® Certificaiton
Specialist Members - *Medical Esthetics® Network Classes
*Tools 4 Success Medical Esthetics® Specialist
Save on paperwork for Medical Esthetics® & MediEsthetics® renewals
Coaching discounts -Certification prep classes
Certification Testing!
Savings from select Suppliers 
*Business support with top companies, essential for your practice success!
*Educational Savings Medical Esthetics® Network & manuals!
I am Medical Esthetics Certified...
 Medical Esthetics®Specialist & MediEsthetics® Specialist promotional items for your practice success!
(This may only be used by current Medical Esthetics Specialist & MediEsthetics Specialist and logo must be displayed, no exceptions.)

All Medical Esthetics(tm) Members agree by association rules including no use of false titles and working within the scope of their state license

and removing any and all expired certificates/ certifications. No exceptions. Thank you.  All non Medical licensed members cannot use "medical" can

only use "MediEsthetics Specialist" in any business cards or listings per agreement. And One can NEVER combine any registration, membership or certification title to their state license, ever, this is grounds for termination of membership and termination of certification and or registration, no exceptions.
Additional Specialist Member Benefits
Medical Esthetics®  Specialist* / MediEsthetics® Specialist
*Networking Opportunities
*Post Training Support w/ educators offices post 90 days
*Updates on Treatments, Techniques and Protocols

Associate Membership for non-alumni $85. - Membership includes many benefits -Registered Specialist $595 includes manual, $150 bi-yearly
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support & savings!  Medical Esthetics®


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